As beautiful as a fairy tale, as lively as jazz

Burghausen is an ancient ducal town on the glittering river Salzach, the Alpine river forming a natural border to Austria. The well-preserved late-mediaeval historic centre invites you to stroll around and linger in the city with its colourful, richly decorated “Inn-Salzach style” buildings and tall facades.

Directly behind the narrow alleys spans the longest castle in the world, with its 1,051 metres of walls, battlements and turrets. Lined up like a pearl necklace are six wonderful castle wards, each with countless stories of their own to tell. Our tip: Plan a guided tour of the castle or visit the historical castle festival in July.

The city has made as much a name for itself for its annual “Burghausen International Jazz Festival” as for its traditional festivals and events, and its theatre, cabaret and floor shows. Take a look at the city’s event calendar and secure entry tickets for when you visit us and Burghausen!

No chance of boredom!

Burghausen is a natural paradise that starts at the centre of the city. The idyllic Lake Wöhrsee at the foot of the castle is both a nature preserve and a leisure El Dorado. The city belongs to the cross-border touristic region Seelentium, which focuses strongly on sustainability, for which it has already received a prestigious award.

Hikers enjoy the untouched nature of the region and take a trip on a faithfully reproduced salt barrage through the fertile plains and forests of the primal Salzach valley. Cyclists explore the gentle hills of the Bavarian and Austrian landscape of the extensive cyclist’s paradise with connection to the Tauern cycle path and the Benedict path. Adventure seekers can try their hand at climbing the high ropes course. Animal lovers can explore the region on horseback.

And that is not all: Golfers get together on one of the five courses of the Inn-Salzach golfing region. And the culturally minded will embark on a journey of discovery to Marktl am Inn, home of Pope emeritus Benedict XVI. Or you may visit other cities, such as the pilgrimage town Altötting or, at only an hour’s drive, the city of three rivers Passau. And Salzburg is only 50 kilometres away.