Hotel Glöcklhofer

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From a plate of Obazda to a roast leg of lamb with rosemary gravy

In the Hotel Glöcklhofer restaurant, a young kitchen crew of seven brings delicious and quality traditional Bavarian-Austrian cuisine to the table – as well as gourmet international dishes. Dishes encountered are, for instance:
“Krustlbraten im Natursaftl mit Semmelknödel und Sauerkraut” or “Wildschweinschnitzel mit Frischkäse, Dörrpflaumen und Speck gefüllt, dazu Haselnuss-Spätzle und Rotkrautknödel”.
(“Crispy roast in natural juices with bread dumplings and sauerkraut” or “Wild boar schnitzel filled with cream cheese, prunes and bacon, accompanied by hazelnut Spätzle and red cabbage dumpling”.) And for desert perhaps “three varieties of plum” or “chocolate tart with pomegranate and berries ragout”?

Whether soup or salad creation, vegetarian or seafood dish: On the Tavern and Restaurant’s Menu, you will find fresh, regional, high quality and seasonal products. After all, it is important that our guests enjoy their visit with all senses – and are always happy to return.