Three generations, three business models


When Josef Glöcklhofer purchased the farmstead on Ludwigsberg in 1911, he also overtook a “harnessing business”: Coachmen and drivers of other teams could hire draught animals from him to draw their carts up or down the immense slope between the historic centre of Burghausen and the area of what is now the new town.

After the Second World War, Josef Glöcklhofer Junior opened a butcher’s shop in the same location. He also continued to renovate and extend the existing hotel until 1984. In 2005, under the management of a tenant, the building burned down almost to the foundation walls.

Martin Glöcklhofer, who had worked in renowned establishments such as the Intercontinental and Arabella Sheraton – lastly as Director of Food & Beverage – decided thereupon to continue the family tradition. In 2006, he began reconstruction. In July 2007, the new hotel was opened – and finally completed with the Aurea Spa in 2008.